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Dewayne Allday
P.O. Box 1287
Selma, Alabama 36702-1287
United States of America

tel. 334 414 0514

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Working in and around Selma Alabama for the last 25 years has given me interesting perspectives on both the historic and present day struggles of the human soul. The Edmund Pettus Bridge you see behind me in the picture is just one historical aspect of this old city. Another one is the Battle of Selma and once a year, Civil War re-enactors come here and put on a fierce and passionate display of that historical battle. There are many people still at the heart of this historic city who love and work hard to keep the city something that residents are proud of. Selma was also the home of the famous holistic herbalist Edgar Cayce, also called the "Sleeping Prophet". A wonderful resource nearby is the Cahawba River and at almost 200 miles in length, it's the longest and undeniably the most scenic and biologically diverse river in Alabama. I've canoed around 70 miles of this river myself literally without seeing a residence for days. It ends in the Alabama River at the historic city of Old Cahawba, which was the first capital of Alabama and currently a park, complete with a visitor's center, historic buildings, walking trails and a boat ramp.

Selma has groomed me for over half of my life and will always hold a special place in my heart. Click on the pictures for additional links and more information such as a Google map and the Chamber website for more things Selma has to offer.

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